The future of grocery supply is soil-less

Traditional crop production is under increasing pressure from resource scarcity, disease, labour, climate change, land degradation, pollution, biodiversity loss, and GHG emissions.

Why Saturn Bioponics

Consumers want consistently sustainable, high quality, healthy, trusted and local produce at competitive prices

The Grocers who move first to successfully meet consumer demands will increase market share and drive greater value from their shelves.

Grocers who fail to meet consumer demands in time will lose revenues & profits

Shrinking availability and diversity of supply from traditional farms.

Soil grown products will become increasingly less valuable and less desirable to consumers.


Consumers will vote with their feet, fresh produce is a key driver in choosing where to shop.

Create a sustainable future with bigger market share & better margins

Win new customers
Meet key sustainability & ESG goals
Increase profitability
Support local businesses, create local jobs & improve national food security
Secure a consistent supply
Create long-term competitive advantage

Advanced technology for soil-less production from seed to shelf delivering targeted outcomes consistently throughout the year

Saturn Bioponics provides a solution that includes

Advanced cost-effective growing facility

Lowest cost, most sustainable cultivation system

Advanced cultivation science for consistently high-quality

Extended season / 12 month supply

Strategic locations to reduce food miles and costs

Continuous improvement and expansion

Flexible post-harvest packing and/or processing integration

Clean, cost-effective and consistent crop production

A winng solution for the grocer and their suppliers

Consistency of quality and price as required by the consumer

Consistency of yield and profitability as required by the farm

Key technology benefits meet consumer needs

Year-round supply
Technology can make growing out of season viable

High crop quality and consistency
e.g. improved shelf-life, higher brix

Sustainable, closed-loop system highly efficient in Water (95% less), Nutrient (fertilizer), Energy (carbon)

Less chemicals
Reduced fungicide and herbicide use

Local supply
Locate close to point of distribution and/or sale

Labour & resource efficient
Minimising costs and environmental impact

Health & wellness
Clean crop, reduced micro risk and less waste

Trust that all inputs are tracked and monitored from seed to harvest

Saturn technology is supplying major grocers & claims are backed by 10 years of data

Saturn customers worldwide sell produce at competitive prices into mainstream outlets from wholesale and processing to blue-chip grocery retail

Years of commercial crop production
Years of research & trials
Years of wholeale supply
Years of retail supply