The future of crop production is soil-less

Sustainable, high quality, consistent, local produce at competitive prices

Why Saturn Bioponics

Customers now want sustainable, quality, consistent, local produce at competitive prices

Grocers are offering attractive long-term supply agreements to the companies who can offer them a solution

Stay ahead of the market and create a stable and sustainable growing future

Growers who do not make the right investment at the right time will not survive

Grocers will eventually stop buying soil grown product


Growing in the soil will continue to get more challenging and less profitable

More expensive technologies will not be viable replacements for traditional production

Create a more stable, profitable and sustainable future

Win new business
Improve labour efficiency & retention
Increase profitability
Be the most price competitive and sustainable producer
Control, predict and secure production
Enhance long-term value

A holistic solution of growing system, hydroponic inputs and ongoing cultivation support that’s easy to access, install and scale

Saturn Bioponics provides the grower with a system that includes...

Low cost investment in protected crop production

Modular, flexible, robust and adaptable hardware

Advanced hydroponic science delivered by an experienced team

Selected varieties for quality and yield

A winning solution for the grower and their customer

Consistency of yield and profitability as required by the farm

Consistency of quality and price as required by the end customer

Key technology benefits meet customer needs

Up to 25x yield per annum
Higher planting density and more crop cycles per annum (≤4x vs greenhouse)

High crop quality and consistency
e.g. improved shelf-life, higher brix

Sustainable, closed-loop system highly efficient in Water (95% less), Nutrient (fertilizer), Energy (carbon)

Less chemicals
Reduced fungicide and herbicide use

Low costs of production
Greenhouse based, sunshine driven, low input cultivation system & science

Labour efficient
fast and easy to plant, harvest and operate

More saleable yield
Clean crop, reduced micro risk and less waste

Traceability all inputs tracked and monitored from seed to harvest

Saturn technology is proven in commercial farming and backed by 10 years of usage data

Saturn customers worldwide sell produce at competitive prices into mainstream outlets from wholesale and processing to blue-chip grocery retail

Years of commercial crop production
Years of research & trials

Attractive gross margins

Short payback time